Talos is a magazine where all fantasy stories gather. We publish all kinds of stories that have fantastical elements. To submit to our magazine, we request you to read the following guidelines carefully.

We at Talos accept the following sub-genres of the fantasy genre:

  1. High Fantasy: Here, we accept stories which have a secondary world as a setting. The stories should be set in a world different from our Earth. It could be different in terms of zoology, ecology, and can take elements from fairy tales, fables, and mythology.However, we do not desire to see modern technology in these kind of stories.
  2. Urban Fantasy / Contemporary Fantasy: Here, we accept stories set in the contemporary settings of our earth. All we require is that the stories submitted have fantastical elements.
  3.  Historical Fantasy: Here, we accept stories set in any historical setting of our earth. All we require is that the stories submitted have fantastical elements.
  4. Steampunk / Weird West / Smoke & Sorcery: In addition to the above, we also accept stories in these genres.

Science Fiction: Sorry, we do not accept stories with modern or futuristic technology. We do not prefer stories in this genre.

Poetry: Sorry, we do not publish poems at the moment.

Humor and Satire: We do not mind humor and satire, but less the better.

Extreme Content: The magazine is targeted at all kinds of audience. So please do not send us any story which has graphic descriptions of sex and violence.

Style: Use the appropriate style required for the genre under which you are submitting.

Originality: We prefer stories that are original as possible. We are unlikely to enjoy stories that have elements done to death before.

Length: We prefer that you send stories that are under 8000 words. We do not mind reading stories with length greater than the specified limit, but longer the story is, the better it must be. However, we will stop reading at the 15000 mark.

Novel Excerpts or Serials: We do not accept novel excerpts or serialized stories.

Reprints: We do not accept stories that have been published elsewhere before, online or in print. We count even blog posts as published.

Multiple Submissions: We accept a maximum of TWO submissions per author. However, if both stories are selected, only one will be included in the current issue. The rest will be included in the subsequent issue if any.

Simultaneous Submissions: We do not encourage simultaneous submissions.

All manuscripts will be edited for grammar, language, and consistency. Authors will be given their manuscript for acceptance of changes.

We are not capable of PAYING our authors at the moment. However, should the magazine succeed, we might consider it in the FUTURE.

Once your story is PUBLISHED in our magazine, you cannot re-publish it elsewhere for a period of 6 months after we publish it. After the period expires, you may enter the story in a reprint issue or a reprint anthology elsewhere.

We also hope that you give us the right to keep the selected story in our archives after the six-month period.

The STORIES should be submitted to ppcwritingbuddies@gmail.com. Include the header SUBMISSION: <Story Title>.

Please send in .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF formats ONLY.

Deadline: The deadline for the current ISSUE of the TALOS Magazine is November 15, 2015. The entries close at 00:00 A.M. EST.


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