TALOS Magazine comprises of the following panelists:

Varun Prabhu authors mythological, historical, and fantasy works. He is currently writing the Mahabharata Simplified Series, book one (EXODUS) is published. He purposes to publish a Norse mythology based dark fantasy and an epic mythological fantasy (on the lines of Lord of the Rings) under another pen name, V P Allasander. Apart from being a writer, he is founder-partner of Pen Paper Coffee, an online writing and editing services company. He also admins the Facebook group For Writers, By Authors along with Neil D’Silva. He is also an avid reader and a TV Show maniac.

To know more about him, visit his blog athttp://theadventuresofafictioneer.wordpress.com or email him atvarunthecool@gmail.com. His Twitter handle is @VPAllasander

Aindrila Roy is the author of the upcoming novel I See You. She likes to mix fantasy and horror and create a blend of dark fantasy with complicated, twisted characters. She is also a fairly adept romance writer and enjoys writing children’s books as well.

To know more about her, go to http://aindrilaroy.blogspot.in.Her Twitter handle is @smylealong.


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